Madness is Mercy

Treatment Notes: Cash Lochlain

Dr. Wharton's perspective on session one, through the lens of her psychoanalysis of Cash Lochlain

Patient: Lochlain, Cash

After extensive inpatient treatment, determined CL’s progress warranted introducing him to social settings. Gala for Florentina Theater seemed appropriate; enough variety in behavior/people for CL to blend in, good spirited cause unlikely to lead to conflict. Newspaper story shortly before gala gave pause, but perhaps time for CL to confront head-on supernatural superstitions.

Arrived at gala. CL still fixates on my feelings towards my hands, but checked himself before making a scene. Met GL and her friends; perfect company for CL — his symptoms masked to some extent by GL’s own neuroses. Made sure to offer CL tonic water to avoid calling attention to his alcohol issues.

CL, as expected, interested in ghost stories; sought out spiritualist who invited group to seance for a price. Again, maybe time for CL to confront “ghosts?” Paid nominal donation; CL was not the only one to experience strange phenomena — room felt colder, smell of lavender. Note to self: make appt w/ Dr. S.

Decided that investigation into folklore/history may take mystery out of evening. CL seemed to be uncomfortable about Kingsport Historical Society; curator seemed to know him? Amnesia on CL’s part? Found links between property and witchcraft; history of place enough to have effect on collective psyche? CL seems familiar with some findings re: occult lore/history — mine for truth in repressed memories? Note to self: review Freud’s Totem and Taboo, Studies of Hysteria; Jung’s dissertation: On the Psychology and Pathology of So-Called Occult Phenomena.

At Florentina, met disturbed child; too little time to use learning from Freud’s dream studies to treat child for dreams of monkey men. (Odd, her description sounds strangely like those of witches’ familiars in research…must read Jung soon!)

Maybe not such a good idea to push CL so far so quickly into superstitions, but how else to show him that they are merely that? (Admit, am self a bit paranoid; efforts to treat this all seriously to validate CL while exposing superstition may not be viable strategy any longer until own appt. with Dr. S…)

Called Barton to set up tour of theater; artifacts and books found in basement. CL panics; oddly, feel swept up by his hysteria and inadvertently feed it. Left theater to see “monkey mummy” and old books. Mummy grotesque, startling. Content of books unknown. See Dr. S. immediately!


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