Madness is Mercy

Ghosts of the Florentina

Where modern progress meets elder horror

Invited to a gala hosted by Raymond Barton to raise funds for the conversion of the dark, decrepit Florentina Theater into a modern, motion picture palace, the plucky team arrived in Kingsport. Kingsport, that sleepy, seaside resort whose colonial history was filled with exciting stories of witchcraft, blockade runners, whalers, and privateers. The town has become a fashionable getaway with a thriving summer arts colony that preys upon caters to waves of vacationers.


At the elegant Shoremist Inn in town, the team attended what was generally another swanky event well designed to pry financial support from Kingsport’s social elite for a worthy charity. Mr. Barton seemed a charming, albeit a bit smarmy, developer whose vision for a cinema in Kingsport was well received. Murmurs of ghosts at the theater causing remodeling setbacks coincided with an interesting guest at the affair. The inscrutable Cash Lochlain, the rather odd guest of Dr. Isabel Wharton, keenly observed that Gerhardt Wvinch was in attendance.

Wvinch is a German spiritualist now living in nearby Arkham. Cash engaged the man and learned that he’d been hired by Barton to host a special VIP seance at the theater following the fundraiser at the Shoremist.

After a little unseemly dickering over donations with Mr. Barton, the team pledged adequate financial support to secure invitations to the seance and were whisked away in Dusenbergs for the intimate gathering.

Interior of the Florentina

The Florentina Theater was dark. Following the dim lantern, the team caught flashes of red velvet and darting reflections of brass on their way to the theater’s candlelight stage. The smell of saw dust hung in the air, as they took their seats on stage.

Before long Gerhardt Wvinch was leading a seance speaking through his Indian spirit guide Chief Potowak, attempting to make contact with the ghost of Lucille Frye. Lucille had been the star of this stage decades ago and it was her presence that seemed to haunt the theater. Her poltergeist it was believed was causing pranks and accidents to befall the workers and drive them off the job. Perhaps this seance could provide answers to appeasing her. The odor of her familiar lilac perfume and an unmistakable coldness permeated the stage. Brief contact with Lucille’s spirit was brought to a crashing halt when a heavy sandbag plunged through the seance table. Wvinch and Barton were genuinely uspet and frightened. They expeditiously escorted their generous donors out of the theater and called the evening to an abrupt close.

The team, however, had other ideas. They convened, discussed the events of the evening, and committed to investigating the odd goings on.

Each would pursue different paths of inquiry to learn more about what was happening at the Florentina. Their avenues of inquiry and the results they produced are best left to the investigators themselves to describe, but diligent scholarship, interviewing, and exploration revealed startling facts about the prior owners of the property and how work at the site might have dredged up a sleeping evil and spun sleepy Kingsport into potential supernatural danger.


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