Madness is Mercy

Engine Trouble

unexpected danger while slogging on the muddy roads to Arkham

Wherein four gangsters, a scholar, a working-stiff teamster, and two unsuspecting apple farmers are ravaged by a terrible creature.

O’Bannion had sent for them. What O’Bannion wants, O’Bannion gets. The kingpin of Arkham’s purposely quiet criminal underworld was himself from Boston. So, it was natural he would look to familiar turf to recruit some new blood for his Arkham rackets.

Of course, the simple matter of bringing some new boys on was beneath the station of Danny O’Bannion, so it fell to one of his two trusted lieutenants, “Big Eddie” Leery, to get the job done. It was actually Leery who made the calls around town to get a make on a few fellas that might be useful to O’Bannion in his future plans.

And so, packed into the 1920 Cole Aero-Eight 870 sedan were the following collection of small-time Boston hoods:

  • Manny “The Mentsh” Siegel: a self-described mastermind. It never hurts to have a few thinkers in an organization, and Manny’s proved himself useful in planning a few heists and setting up a small numbers operation on the Southside. Sure, he was a jew, but jews are good with numbers.
  • “Little Jimmy” O’Connell: the hulking brute. Where does a son of a bitch that big get shoes? Muscle is a necessity in this business and muscles “Little Jimmy” has got in spades. Besides, the goon has one of those Chicago choppers that could come in handy.
  • Johnny “Noodles” Torrio: a thieving wop burglar from New York. The kid must be special, because the Boss ordinarily doesn’t think much of dagos or New Yorkers. Rumor has it that tiny “Noodles” came through big on a score in Waltham and kept his mouth shut when he got pinched. Thanks to a good “family” lawyer, his stretch ended up being very short.
  • Connor O’Duinin: one hell of a wheelman, whose proved his value running liquor. A silver-tongued devil whose talked and bribed his way out of a blockade or two, this kid is a real asset. There’s a lot of talk about him having a bright future in the rackets.

The crew made their way down on to the Aylesbury Pike on the way to Arkham. They got sidetracked a bit, but that’s a story better told by the boys themselves.


Just finished this scenario with my group, and it ended as a near TPK – every conceivable thing they could have done wrong, they did.

Engine Trouble
SavageCole SavageCole

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